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Starcraft 2 Unboxing

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Hot WoW Pics ;)

I found these the other day.

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Video Blog

Here's my first video blog you guys, please watch it!

Millies Day! Taboo Queues, The Icy Touch: Clutch or Crutch? New Massive Passives

Hello Everyone!

It's Millies again, and this time it's official! 


    In case you're wracking that big beautiful brain of yours where you've seen me before, I was featured in a small spotlight through Trance's blog covering the XFX Spokesmodel Competitionand I took the initiative to thank you all so much for your support in my personal blog. I've also been seen whooping ass on Trancey and Ming with TTPTBFWITGDH Shindofivezorz. I've taken a little time to get to know the WoM crowd, and I kind of have a raging broner for the fatty trolls, and Bodi asked me to blog for you guys. I've taken into consideration the average two month stint most women last, and I'm down for the blogging experience, even though I can understand why some guys aren't really down for girls up in their Warcraft. I'm also going to make it a point to include the people not on Blackrock or BG9 that read my blog; I'll try to make this readable for everyone. I also realize I'm not as pro as my friends that play this game, but I'm better than most. I think I can bring a unique pov that you probably aren't used to seeing. I wont have any hekkerz titz movies like the fattyvag any time soon, but I do have quite a few really ******* hot nude model friends (I live in LA, it's pretty common) that I've managed to get naked for random bets I make on the internet. I made a bet with my old GM, Felstone, if we killed heroic anub25 before any other guild, I would get a homegirl to write our guild name on the back end. Needless to say we got the kill, and you're damn straight I delivered (NSFW):


**** yeah dawg

The Taboo Queue

The dungeon finder has been a huge hit for everyone to run dungeons without the headache of putting the group together and summoning, so blizzard revamped the way we're doing bg's now too. I've been having fun with it on PTR this week. As the game becomes more 'casual friendly' I think the development team is really putting their heads together on how to please the hardcore players and casuals alike. Why not make it easy to get most (if not all) of the PVP gear, and let us sort ourselves out amongst our ratings? I think it's great that the excuse of gear is slowly being worked out of the pvp scene, we are all left in the same gear and no excuse to lose other than our own skills (or lack thereof). PVE gear is a different matter entirely.

While the Random Battleground system is needed, I feel it is being rushed, and many details are being overlooked, making it a sloppy and unorganized transition. For starters, you can't form into a raid and queue your random daily BG. I realize this is how it has been, but I was hoping for a change. I was hoping the allotment of a raid to queue would allow us to avoid botwars. I don't know if other healers feel the same way, but whenever I go into a bg I find half of the people in there are botting, running up and meleeing **** until they die. I'm not judging, maybe they really are that ******* awful, but being limited to 4 buddies going into a random AV is not enough. If I have the friends that all want to queue, we should be able to. Bad vent premades run into other bad vent premades, so why not let 20 R1's form a raid and roll AV? This is supposed to be a MMO, how is limiting our grouping for our dailies following this disposition? The bad vent premades that still operate today are getting a bit popular, but at one time it was smaller and known as 'xRealms' and it actually had standards. While I was leading I may have been a bit intense, but I would run perfections in nine minutes with a flawless backcap strategy, resulting in 2400 honor per game. This was also when queues were slower, but I would farm roughly 200,000 honor each night (about ten hours) with my tight group of 40, this was about a year ago. There were a few females that would join in as well, some were really good, some not so much- I would have no problem with them unless they weren't going where they needed to be or had complete down syndrome. I had to kick a few females for being terribad, but the same went for men.

There was one girl that started showing up regularly, she was pretty drunk by midnight and couldn't LOS, but she went where she was supposed to, listened fairly well, was good for the guys to make fun of and took some of the pressure off of me. Her name's ramsay and she ended up posting pics, she had like DD tits and posted them too, and it didn't bother me too much until she was drunk and she'd talk about how big her tits were in vent. Another guy started joining in my premades named 'proudfather' and he had less brain cells than gara's left tit, he would always argue the most basic concepts and I'd constantly have to mute him because he didn't know what push to talk was and had five starving children constantly crying in the background for his attention and all you could hear over them was him slurping his beers. I eventually stopped leading because I had geared out 4 toons and the lushes wouldn't shut the **** up, at first we were a gnarly hardcore premade but everything always goes to **** anyway, such is life. I logged back on xRealms a month or two later when a new season was about to start and I was ready to lead more *****es into perfections, and the two fatasses I loathed were running the premades, ramsay had posted enough tits pics and got everyone to switch vents, when I logged on they were gloating over their 1700 honor AV premades, their 1700 rated teams, and the fact that they are making $5 off of every unknowing player that hops in their vent- they say it is a 'donation' but they pretty much make you wait in the waiting room for hours unless you donate, and then you are instantly invited to the vent channel. Pretty cool. When I was leading, I made some friends and I got some fan art out of it:

another one can be seen here
(Feeties used to be 'Dwite')

but now xRealms has been stolen, renamed and been reduced to this:
{WARNING: Do not watch if you have recently eaten or plan on fapping this week}

While I hate being so negative, part of my anger is that I simply could not keep running the premades every night; when the summer came around I was booking a ton of runway jobs for LA fashion week. I guess I'm jealous ramsay has even less of a life than me and can contribute more hours than I can, making it easy to steal my raid group and spread enough rumors about me and my fellow leaders to get people to bail from xRealms. She couldn't handle me coming back and taking over again, she knows I'm a better leader all around. I understand she has no life anyway and I should really pity her, but I love my pixels and she ****** with them. Screw that toothless *****, I'm playing the 'life' card. Also, Tits or gtfo won AGAIN WTF. How does showing your tits make you so ******* popular?

Many players are subjected to these awful premades for honor; they are desperate and the grind sucks! It is because blizzard limits how we queue that things like this happen. Many people joining up with these epic failures don't even know, that it could be done so much better. Yes, there are technicalities to queuing a 'random' bg with 20 people, but maybe for the random it could be limited to 10? or 15, and we just can't do wsg? WSG is an all-time favorite of everyone, it's not like the queue for wsg is ever going to dwindle. The reasoning behind not queuing as a giant raid (for players) has been the queue time, but I think queue times won't be as awful with a 30hk incentive to queue up randomly. I think opening up a larger queue group will let us play with the people we like more often, and keep people from being exposed to random premades that ask for donations “for their vent and website”, which is run off of a free server anyway. They are pretty much scamming people, and blizzard hasn't done anything about it for a year or so, and probably won't. I'm sure there are logical reasons to not let us queue as a raid, but I don't see the problem as long as larger groups are matched up with other large groups. I'd like to even see 'guild runs' of battlegrounds, giving guilds a chance to run groups other than PVE raids, and giving guilds a chance raid up, tabard up, and go to legitimate war with an another guild from another server. How cool would that be?!

Winning your random, lonely BG daily is going to give you 30hks worth and 25 arena points, and they have increased honor gained by 100%- to match how WoW gives out triumph badges, or how shindo dishes out drama. Should you fail your daily bg, you still get a 5hk bonus. They have nerfed the experience gained in Wintergrasp and Bgs by 50% so there wont be as many level 75-79's impeding Wintergrasp. I never see any low levels in Wintergrasp on blackrock but I did on the alliance side on Destromath, so I assume lower population servers are occaisonally annoyed by lowbies constantly queueing for Wintergrasp- a big grats goes out to them for the WG experience nerf... I guess. A bunch of people read this incorrectly and thought they were nerfing honor- calm down. They buffed it 100%! They also scaled the honor gained after completing a battleground objective, so capping flags in AV and IoC will still be worth it. 

They are also eliminating the need for marks. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do on my characters that have 98 AV marks and like 2 of the other bgs. There isn't enough time to farm out 98 marks on each battleground, so we're pretty much screwed, but hopefully developers will show us some love and give us a measly single mark turn-in, but this is doubtful and nowhere to be found on PTR. I wouldn't mind even getting 100 honor from each mark, instead of farming out the ones that suck to clear out my marks tab. Oh well. Some serious larpers are crying that the battleground badge items from level 70 and 60 might not be available, seriously though, if you haven't purchased them within the past three years they've been available, you are probably just causing drama. Same goes for the badge mounts, no explanation for the costs of these have been given, however I am going to assume they will reduce the cost of them and sell them for honor- originally they cost 90 badges (30 of 3, lets say we divided them by 6 [badge turn in] and even got 1500 honor per 6 marks, that would price the mount around 22.5k honor. Pretty cheap, actually.)

The honor cap is not being raised, so hording stacks and stacks of marks will not be an option next season when points are wiped, which is really going to suck later. It is also going to put a higher value on stone keepers shards, making heroic farming viable before arena reset, once honor capped. Start making friends with a tank if you plan to instant queue your heroics, ever. I also think it is time we have horde vs horde battlegrounds. I know, it goes against everything our little larpy battlegrounds stand for, but I'm tired of waiting for alliance to queue. I was alliance, I went horde. When I was at Blizzcon and elite tauren chieftain was like, 'lets hear it for the alliance' it was just me, crickets, and a few twelve year olds, I swear.

...I feel extremely guilty now for posting that disgusting video above, here is how you can forget it, possibly forgive me, lose a few pounds, and become a ninja.  I've been exercising to this girl's videos on my iPhone for weeks now at the gym, and yeah, she's pretty chill.

Solving QQs with more Queues

I'm generally interested in all aspects of WoW, except the holiday events. I like killing dwagons, and sometimes if we kill enough of them, we get to ride on one. I have the ironbound and I picked up a time-lost while doing my JC daily in storm peaks about six months ago. I didn't really care about it much until I leveled my nelf rogue and logged on during “polymorph rogues” week -_- I realized I don't have the heart to do it to another rogue and I'll never get the violet proto-drake. This was also when I came to the realization I do not approve of letting people ride a dragon (let alone 310%) for passing out chocolates to goblins, putting rabbit ears on *****es, doing dailies with some punk orphan, or sprinkling snowflakes on some god-awful random list of characters. Most of all, it was the Turkey Shooter that pushed me over the edge on the holidays. Not the endless lag from hearts over everyone's helm, or the incessant 'HO HO HO' sound within every game (or wait... was that HoN...), it was the holiday poly that sent me over the edge. I don't know what it is about poly that drives me nuts, I just don't have the heart to do it.

My lack of interest in the holiday events made my 6 80's quite the commodity to whoever I choose to summon all 6 of my toons for, but now that has all changed. Now you have to use the dungeon finder to queue for your holiday bosses too, and you get a satchel like in Occulus; the mount will have a chance to drop within the goody bag that is looted to you afterward- not the boss. So if you were organized or had awesome friends like me, this completely sucks and will really drop your chances of getting the mount. If you don't have friends, pugged the holiday boss every day and cried your eyes out when someone blatantly lied, Blizzard has your back.

So please, spare a rogue, kill a dragon. The holiday events are meant to distract you from the better distractions in-game. They are also meant for girls... Don't queue for the holiday events and make some goddamn progress. (The only person exempt from this rule is Shiranui / Zeil, my leveling buddy and the backbone to my leveling success. He's just as well versed as I am in the alternates department, and we've leveled three toons from 0 to 80 together, working on our 4ths, this time on the horde side, so we're like chickens with our heads cut off. It rules.)

The Icy Touch: Clutch or Crutch?

Since the Icy Touch nerf in early Ulduar, dks could no longer rely on Icy Touch to generate enough threat to keep a mob looking at a tank. This nerf came as the result of Icy Touch doing too much damage through season 5, and it's threat was pummeled along with it, mostly because dk tanks could spam icy touch, making it easier than druid tanking at one point. While they are bringing back only the threat to icy touch and developers are wary it will turn into a spamfest again; I've learned my lesson. I won't spam Icy Touch, even with the buff. I'll use all my runes and rotate my cooldowns, just please don't ******* nerf our threat again. I think the way they chose to up our threat in Icy Touch within Frost Presence is a good idea; it doesn't favor one spec over another, and it doesn't raise the damage from frost fever, making the dk buffs to unholy diseases not as ruthless. It's tricky to start throwing threat around for Dks, as diseases on targets act as a damage multiplier for main strikes like Heart Strike, which can give dk's a toppling effect that so easily makes them overpowered. Buffing Icy Touch doesn't run the risk of dk's busting out another glorified shadowfrost, but addresses a problem that I have been handling by rogue/hunter presence since 3.2. Now with the debuff aura in Icecrown, Rune Strikes aren't enough and death knights are lacking that 'shield-slam' like threat that allows mages to blow up Rotface in melee range. Pookz took a couple to the face on Rotface since we didn't have a mis-direct, but since our heals were op I got a little creative for a quick-fix and ended up popping hysteria on myself on the pull, keeping Pookz at 80% threat. Luckily this kind of terribad creativity has been recognized as a class flaw, and won't be necessary for the fights to come. Dks are already a very sensitive class that is relatively new to the game, and developers are still ready to change the way a death knight plays at any moment.

The internal cooldown on Will of the Necropolis is coming out, because tanks aren't hovering in the 20%-40% HP range during boss fights- now they ping up and down the HP bar from 10% to 60% quite often, while rotating cooldowns and runes to survive. The 15 second internal cooldown is no longer needed for the aggressive mechanics of bosses in ICC and future cataclysm bosses. Will of the Necropolis was overpowered for a brief moment on PTR during Patchwerk when he was hitting for 110% and dk's were the only class surviving because of it reducing damage so often when the tank dipped below 35%.

Knowing the way bosses are going to hit in Icecrown also makes 'avoidance tanking' not feasible- it wasn't feasible before either but I keep seeing warrior tanks trying to stack dodge and it's an ineffective theory. Diminishing returns on dodge and parry (especially in Icecrown) makes dual-wield tanking not viable for dks, along with the amount of cooldowns sacrificed to be a frost tank. Diminishing returns also still make stacking stamina the #1 option, and it is very important to put your red gem for your meta in the item that grants you the largest socket bonus. I recently aqcuired this sweet helm and changed my meta out of the +6 stamina bonus in the goves red socket, put a fat 30 stam in my gloves and put my purple in my new helm. The Frostforged helmoff Onyxia was the perfect helm up until now with a blue socket, but upgrades are upgrades, especially with all the hit on that sucker. I won't switch out an item even if it is an upgrade if it is going to drop me below 5% hit, but many tanks are willing to. No amount of stamina is worth having misses, especially for death knights that rely on death grip. Make sure you're hit capped, but don't gem for it. I have gone through gear lists and sought out specific hit tanking pieces, which in turn creates a pleasant raiding atmosphere and happy DPSers!

I also appreciate certain buffs in trees that make intentions for each tree clearer. It seems very obvious the best tanking and leveling spec is by far blood, with more unique abilities than most trees and vampiric blood up every minute. DW Frost will be the new dps spec in a 25 man raid,  It may not quite beat unholy dps in aoe situations but the raid benefit is going to make frost viable (as it has been), but with the new changes it should be do enough damage to be the only dk dps. Unholy still reigns supreme in pvp, even Reckful is playing a death knight! Watching him roll faces on PTR as a dk (NOONIA OWNZ lol) with Azael on a holy paladin made me realize the strength death knights are about to have for 3.3.3. Once I finish off my wrathful pvp set on my paladin I plan on gearing out my dk's pvp gear and joining in on the undispellable fun!

Warlock's Dark Pact has been changed so LOS doesn't affect it, but there is no reason to pick up this talent still for PVE or PVP. With the buff to the Life Tap glyph, picking up dark pact would be stupid. PVP wise, it's nice when you're really pressured to not lose the hp from lifetap, but usually you don't use it. Ooming your pet blows. Versus most teams your pet will never oom, but sometimes if you have to devour quite often, almost on cooldown, and the fight goes long, your pet may oom. Your pet will definitely oom if you use dark pact in a long fight, making it too much of a risk for a talent point.

As excited as everyone is for the rogue buffs, shadowdance is still not a viable competitive spec. The only thing they really did was buff damage by 5%, reduce the shadowstep cooldown a bit, and hemorrhage is now usable with daggers. The energy reduction on this ability and the waylay is still nowhere near where it needs to be to make this spec viable. Any skilled rogue could previously weapon swap for hemorrhage, so the dagger change is making this a friendlier spec for noobs. Also, Ming mentioned hemo doing comparable mutilate damage, but it isn't mutilate that does damage in mut/prep, it's envenom. I've been watching reckful duel on ptr and shadowdance doesn't even break sacred shield. I predict you will not see this spec in competitive play after people get a chance to see how much more effective mut/prep still is.

Warrior Changes:

LOL DISARM.... I've got nothing. I don't play a warrior. Sucks for them.

On the upside,
 I had a great week of raiding this week! 11/12 on three, 9/12 on the others. Did a few heroic modes in 10 man, picked up some phat loots.

millies raid week

The New Passive Aggressive

3.3.3 is a new age for buffs:

  • Chains of Ice: The ability now innately applies Frost Fever to a target.
  • Ferocious Inspiration: This ability is now an aura and provides 1/2/3% damage to all party or raid members within 100 yards and boosts the damage of Steady Shot by 3/6/9%.
  • Mangle: The debuff from this talent now lasts 60 seconds, up from 12 seconds.
  • Abomination's Might: This effect is now passive instead of being a proc on certain strikes. Rank 1 is 5% attack power and Rank 2 is 10% attack power. The self strength buff remains unchanged.
  • Arcane Empowerment: This effect is now passive instead of being a proc off of critical strikes. The self damage buff remains unchanged. 
  • Elemental Oath: This ability is now always on as a passive aura.
  •  Unleashed Rage: This ability is now always on as a passive aura.
  • Renewed Hope: now has a 60-second duration, up from 20 seconds, but a 20-second cooldown.

These buff changes give longer lasting procs or a 'passive buff' with a longer internal cooldown. While the main priority for the nerf on 'trash buffs' was to reduce lag within the combat log (procs refreshing over 1000 times in certain boss fights has been found as the cause of some server lag), I believe it will have an effect on arena that all dispelling and spellstealers can look forward to. There will be a reduced amount of trash buffs to blanket your actual buffs, and can make iteasier and more efficient to dispel in arenas. I think the most unusual part of the changes here is the change to Renewed Hope (3% damage reduction). RH is being taken off of the Weakened Soul cooldown and put on the new passive buff theme of 3.3.3, making worth spellstealing now with it's 60 second duration. a 20 second internal cooldown means the second bubble won't proc it even with 2/2, so ½ is now even more viable, even within a pve spec; however the 2% crit for 1 talent point is pretty sweet, and I'll probably pick it up depending on my need for improved healing as disc.

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